Lounges/Sofas [4]
Product Metro Non-metropolitan
1 Seat $95 $105
2 Seat $100 $120
3-5 Seat $105 $125
6 Seat $115 $130
7-8 Seat $125 $140
Additional Seats $17 per Seat $18 per Seat
Bedding [5]
Product Metro Non-metropolitan
Bedframe + Mattress $145 $155
Adjustable Base + Mattress $125 $135
Bedframes (without mattress) $105 $115
Mattress Only $90 $95
Tallboy $60 $65
Dresser $60 $65
Daybed $50 $55
Storage Ottoman $50 $55
Bedside Table $30 $30
Dining Tables [5]
Product Metro Non-metropolitan
Dining Table (under 70kg) $90 $95
Concrete Dining Table $130 $140
Large Timber/Zinc/Glass DIning Table $130 $140
Provence & Manhatten Round Dining Table $170 $190
Provence Rectangle $210 $230
Heavy Marble Table (Soho) $210 $230
Specialist Heavy Marble 180kg ++ **n/a for sites with stairs involved $280 $295
Other Products (Fixed Fees)
Product Metro Non-metropolitan
Dining Chair $15 $15
Arm Chair $95 $110
Large Occasional Chair $50 $55
Floor Lamp $50 $60
China Cabinet $125 $135
Wall Unit $125 $135
TV Unit $90 $95
Buffet $90 $105
Coffee Table $50 $120
Book Case $90 $95
Mirror $50 $55
Rug $50 $55
Ottoman (without lounge) $50 $55
Other Products (Variable Fees) [8]
Product Metro Non-metropolitan
TV Entertainment Unit $90 + $50/additional unit $95 + $55/additional unit
Buffet $90 + $50/additional unit $95 + $55/additional unit
Large Occasional Chair $50 + $30/additional unit $55 + $35/additional unit
Coffee Table $50 + $30/additional unit $55 + $35/additional unit
Lamp Table $50 + $30/additional unit $50 + $35/additional unit
Console $50 + $30/additional unit $50 + $35/additional unit
  1. Delivery, assembly and installation services comprise delivery of the products to the nominated address, assembly of the products at that address and the placing of the products into position. Installation does not include any fixing of any product to a wall.
  2. Fees for delivery, assembly and installation to residential premises within the metropolitan area of the metropolitan store from which products are ordered or within 15km of the store from which products are ordered if not within a metropolitan area. If delivery outside the metropolitan area or outside the 15km radius is required, additional out of area fees apply. Nick Scali does not deliver to some locations; see staff for details. For these locations, clients must arrange their own delivery by an appropriate professional carrier; box trailers or utes cannot be used. Delivery fees apply for commercial quantities, on application.
  3. Fees for delivery, assembly and installation at residential premises, for all products, excluding lounges, marble dining tables and bedding, is capped at $300/metro and $320/non-metropolitan if all products are purchased at the same time and are delivered in one delivery. If any item(s) are unavailable for delivery at that time, individual item delivery fees will apply.
  4. Fee based on combined number of seats on each order. An Ottoman is considered 1 seat as part of a lounge order.
  5. Fee per item or combination, as listed. Fees for delivery, assembly and installation of bedding are capped at $220/metro and $240/non-metropolitan per delivery.
  6. Fee excludes concrete, marble and large timber or zinc dining tables greater than 70kg.
  7. All deliveries for these products incur a minimum delivery fee of $50/metro and $60/non-metropolitan. For example, the delivery of a single dining chair will incur a delivery fee of $50/metro and $60/non-metropolitan. The delivery of a dining chair as part of a delivery with a floor lamp, will incur a delivery fee of $65/metro and $75/non-metropolitan.
  8. Variable fees are applicable only to products purchased on the same order or that are delivered at the same time.
  9. Please note – the “Specialist HEAVY MARBLE 180kg++” fee is not applicable to delivery sites with ANY stairs involved. This item CANNOT be carried up stairs.