Regular Wear And Usage

Your Nick Scali Furniture is an investment in your home and it will evolve and adapt to your home over time as it grows, not just as a functional piece, but as an admirable fixture of your home. You may see changes in the shape, colour or features of your furniture, below is an idea of what to expect in the natural changes of your furniture.

Leather & Fabric (Lounges and chairs)

Initially when your lounge is delivered you may notice some slight compression of the foam and padding of the lounge, this will come out with use however it is advised to immediately and regularly thereafter model your lounge to ensure that initial appearance is maintained. In light of this the foam and padding of the lounge will soften over time, this will cause light creasing, wrinkling and slight stretching as the lounge conforms to the natural body shape. This is completely normal enhancing the look and feel of the lounge. In addition the seat cushions will also soften in a similar fashion, this is completely normal, to even the wear of the cushions it is best to alternate your choice of seating.

Timber (Tables, Buffets and Cabinets)

Our Nick Scali Dining Tables use a range of natural timbers and recycled timbers, as such natural characteristics such as; colour, veins, knots, grain, cracks, splits, stress marks, nicks, indentations and/or bows, are not considered a fault in any way, but enhance that feature of the table, expressing its origins and vestiges of its past life. Each of these characteristics are expected to develop or evolve over time.

Fibre Reinforced Concrete [FRC] (Tables and Buffets)

A new and exploding trend is Fibre Reinforced Concrete, an industrial look with home furnishing in mind, like our timber tables, the concrete is Man-made and is subject to differences in colour and characteristics between one table and another all completely complementing the chic style. As time passes you may notice marks, stains or hairline cracks, these occur naturally as you use the table and add to it's character but are not considered faults in any way.